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The Inbetween Book Trailer
The Inbetween by, H.K. Thompson

Praise for The Inbetween

“I was strongly reminded of Stephen King’s 'The Eyes of the Dragon'. Thompson’s own story of dragons and a spiritual netherworld is skilfully realised and deeply allegorical.”  

-Gary Kittle Author of “Bully for You”

Readers Favorite book award finalist
My Story

In 2012, Heather was diagnosed with M.S. Unable to afford medical bills in excess of $50,000 a year, she was forced to short sale her six bedroom home in an American suburb. Heather had no choice but to fly with her two children and eleven pets, leaving behind friends, family, community and country to live as a ‘medical exile’, in one of the most deprived areas of England, where they are grateful to have dual nationality.


It’s been an interesting ride.


One day, she might write about it.


When Heather isn’t busy writing, creating 3D digital art or filmmaking, she loves to sit on the sand dunes on the beach, gazing out across the sea and dreaming up new stories. She likes the crackling of camp fires under the night sky, and the smell of fresh coffee, sipped in the morning mist overlooking a pond at her favourite campsite.


She loves to travel and hates to fly...but she finds new cultures, traditions and ways of life so fascinating that she tolerates the certain panic attack to do so. Heather loves to swim despite nearly drowning as a kid as long as she doesn’t have to stick her face in the water.


She has a keen interest in philosophy, religions, mythology, psychology and quantum physics, and earned her B.A. in Psychology and her M.A. in Buddhist Studies.

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Readers Favorite Book Award Finalist

The Inbetween 

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Fragments of an Ancient God

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Reviews for The Inbetween

Thompson writes with a calm self-confidence that is often lacking in debut novels. Gone is that earnest but often misplaced vigour that can best be described as ‘trying too hard’. Instead, the author seems to sit the reader on her knee and engage us with the inviting familiarity of a fireside read from childhood.


In this respect, I was strongly reminded of Stephen King’s 'The Eyes of the Dragon'. Thompson’s own story of dragons and a spiritual netherworld is skilfully realised and deeply allegorical.


We believe in this world and care about the characters that populate it. Her descriptions are highly visual, and it should come as no surprise that she is also an accomplished filmmaker.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this book is in any way cosy, however. There is genuine tension and urgency here, too; not unlike that found in Alan Dean Foster’s 'Into the Out Of'. That Thompson should find herself name-checked amongst such giants of imaginative fiction is well merited, and I predict that our feet will be warmed by many such fires in years to come.

Gary Kittle

Author of "Bully for You"


Reviews for

Fragments of an Ancient God

Creation, myth, eternal substance! The author has a special unique gift, her Soul is tapped into that ceaseless place of Voice, that deep underground realm which intersects all Life and all Beyond, that gives a word to our most deepest of rhythms and desires. Her way with language gives profound understanding to our most vivid secrets. 'Fragments of an Ancient God' is a testament to her most effective and Beautiful talent .... read and absorb !

Tommie Antoni Grabiec  

U.K. Actor

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