Outside the Box


As a 3D digital artist, I'm not just fascinated by the art that hangs on the walls of our homes, but the art that IS the wall...the shape of the buildings themselves. To me, it's a wonder that with all our resources and advancements- we choose to build boring square boxes. 


Maybe we don't live amongst wizards and elves, but I can't help but wonder why we can't bring a little of their magic into our reality. 

Would you rather come home to this?

Or something more original?

And maybe this is not everyone's cup of tea...but this would definitely remind you that life, the universe and everything is far weirder than our daily lives lull us into thinking.

Imagine a city in which our streets are painted with 3D art...How our mundane thoughts might change to deeper pondering -just on our way to pick up the milk! 

Or how we might become more socially conscious just climbing a flight of stairs? 

As a teenager I once went to a house party in a hollowed boulder. To this day I've never forgotten how unique our living space could be. Inside the boulder house there were rope bridges from one room to the other and I remember promising myself that one day I was going to live in a house as different as that. After all, what does a boring hallway have to offer over a rope bridge? 

When I look at modern interior design I know which I prefer...

In the early 2,000's I was lucky enough to stay on a small island off the mainland of Fiji in a banana leaf hut. The hut sat on the fine white sand of the beach and the waves rolled in gently, touching a shore that was just far enough to enjoy a hammock tied between coconut trees and not too far that you couldn't dip in and out of it as the mood struck.


While I found the hut endearing my favourite feature was the bathroom. It had no ceiling and in the evening I was able to shower underneath the starry sky...it afforded me a sense of privacy but freedom at the same time...As the water cascaded through my hair and down my back I remember thinking a skylight would never again be enough for me. Not now that I'd had the fresh air in my lungs, and the twinkle of a million lights shining brighter for the fact that despite the walls around me, there was nothing between myself and the sky...


These memories make me wonder. What would our days be like if...

...boring pipes were transformed to works of art?

...cliff faces became underwater experiences? 

...decrepit city walls became windows to entire worlds of fantasy and adventure? 

...trees, real trees grew through our floors and embraced our walls? 

Aging Walls were infused with new beauty...

Grim alleys welcomed us like a friend's hallway...

Cracks became acts of strength instead of weakness...

Drains hinted of fun instead of waste...

All of it reminding me...that life is an adventure, and that we are travelers...


...not worker bees, doomed to the dictates of a mundane hive...


...but spirits on a journey full of amazement just waiting to wow us when we open our minds. 


And what will we do if we get there? If we allow our minds to be opened...


...to be wowed?


Will we quickly fall back asleep? 


And call our amazement the dream? 

Snuggling back in our boring boxes because they are so familiar...


Or will we wake in the dream and remember that there is a much more interesting world waiting to be created and enjoyed. 

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